Working With Young People

“Harry Levin has a deep understanding of the developmental needs and concerns of teenagers and young adults, and an insightful affinity for the relationships between young people and their families.  Harry Levin understands the special needs of teenagers and young adults from the inside out.”

~ Dr. Richard Biagioli, clinical psychologist

“I have witnessed Harry Levin’s work with teens and young adults who are enduring a rough stretch, and have observed Harry’s transformative support of their families. Harry’s results are extraordinary, as he gently guides young people with a fatherly touch and his own fertile mind.”

~Janis Siegel


Experienced in helping students and their families clarify purposes and timing for investing years and resources in college and graduate school.  Deep-researching specific schools according to the student’s qualities.  Crafting strategies for approaching each application, and, if valuable, advocating for acceptance.  

Active advocacy has contributed to securing admission to Columbia’s master’s program in urban studies, CUNY law school, Rutgers graduate program in global sports business, Oberlin, Hamilton, St. John’s in Santa Fe (top liberal arts school, four-year free ride), College of Charleston, Montclair State, Hunter College.

Insight in selecting optimal places to apply, refining strategies for acceptance.  Harry counsels young students and their parents in adapting healthfully to college life.