Harry Levin Psychotherapist

If you believe the measure of a man’s character is how he walks through this world, you will be very impressed by Harry Levin. Come to him: Harry will do his best to help you and your family.”

Dr. Richard Biagioli, clinical psychologist

Harry Levin was born in the holy city of Brooklyn. Harry has lived in Rumson since August 1998. Through the crises of September 11 and the Sandy flood, and in the course of daily living, Harry has devoted his wisdom and skills to strengthening the neighborhood, advocating for those in need, and guiding individuals and their families toward more peaceful lives.

“The land itself means a great deal to Harry Levin. As a young man he worked his way into the heart of a Greek village, digging wells by hand and rowing fishing boats. He has been working his own hay ranch in Wyoming for thirty-three years. In Wyoming, he immersed himself in the cultures of the Shoshone and Arapaho tribes, and he has been involved in trying to sustain tribal traditions.

Rabbi Harry Levin appreciates ethnicity and the many gradations of religions and color. He is the only rabbi I know who has cohosted a regularly scheduled radio show with an imam. Harry Levin loves the blues, but he does not sing the blues. He is unrelentingly optimistic.

For decades he has graced the gritty and the glamorous streets of the Big Apple on various altruistic errands. Back in rabbinical school, he joined in organizing a downtown soup kitchen. These days, building on the rabbi’s work among musicians, the soup kitchen now serves hot jazz with a hot meal. And the jazz is played by the finest musicians in the world.

If you believe the measure of a man’s character is how he walks through this world, you will be very impressed by Harry Levin. Come to him: Harry will do his best to help you and your family. His accomplishments have been an inspiration to me, and his friendship is a profound blessing.”

Dr. Richard Biagioli, clinical psychologist

Harry Levin is licensed as a professional mental health counselor in New Jersey, New York and Wyoming. Harry has also earned the special designation as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). 


  • Amherst College: bachelor of arts degree with honors in literature
  • Hebrew Union College: master’s degree in Hebrew literature, rabbinic ordination, doctor of divinity (honorary)
  • New York University: master’s degree in psychotherapeutic counseling


Rabbi Norman Cohen writes: “Rabbi Levin has been recognized for his excellence in serving human beings in need.”

Harry Levin has earned many awards for his work in human relations:

  • The Annual Human Rights Achievement Award Given by the City of Albany, New York
  • The Campbell Peace and Justice Award from the New York State Capital District Council of Churches
  • The NAACP honored Rabbi Levin for “your efforts and willingness to impart to others your knowledge and experience, so that we in turn can better serve our community.”
  • Honored by the Catholic bishop of Albany, for “building real community and celebrating true diversity, resonating far and wide.”
  • Honored by Bishop Howard Hubbard’s New York State Labor-Religion Coalition as “friend, prophet, community builder.”
  • Honored by the Islamic Center of the Capital District, for “friendship, generosity and commitment to peace.”
  • Honored by New York University for standing strong for his colleagues in applied psychology
  • Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce Prize in Human Relations
  • Louise Arnold Prize in Human Relations
  • Gittelsohn Prize in Social Action
  • Samuel Ellenson Memorial Prize in Rabbinics
  • Slonimsky Prize in Midrash
  • Robert Lehman Award
  • Prize for Proficiency in Biblical Commentaries

Photographic Credits:
Portrait of Rabbi: Janis Wilkins: janisart@yahoo.com
Girl on Train: Shoshana Levin
Man With Saxophone: Unknown
Man With Sledgehammer: Courtesy of Douglas Levin
Israeli Soldier: Courtesy of Shoshana Levin
Smiling Kid in a Cow Barn: Larry Leonardi
All other photographs taken and copyrighted by Harry Levin.