Changes In A Working Life &
The Workings Of Life

Some have trouble on the job and ache each day.
Some people earn degrees, deal with debt, and wonder why.
Some people retire and wonder why.

People are fired.
Or they quit.

Many want to make a move, 
but don’t know what move to make.

Harry Levin can help you figure where you want to go,
and how to get from here to there.
He’ll join you in exploring the practical questions of dreamers:
What might be the actual upsides?
What might be the short-term risks?
What might be the enduring resonances and repercussions?
Shifting jobs can mean shifts in relationships.
Harry Levin will listen carefully,
and help you frame your real choices.
And your ethical decisions.

Being respected in your workplace
is essential to a peaceful life.

Visit with Harry Levin:  You’ll find a partner in crafting strategies to respond artfully, and with productive effect, to workplace challenges.  Consider the wisdom of knowing when to move. Come to learn ways of responding, with balanced strength, to any challenges.