Transitions: Choosing A Path In Life,
At Any Stage Of Life

Harry Levin helps people come to grips with behaviors that may be preventing them from finding a path forward, no matter your age, or your sadness. Harry’s guidance is attuned to talents, skills, untapped energies, pragmatic realities and dreams within reach.

We live in a small town in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. Our daughter has dreamed about attending an Ivy League school since she was a child. She finished her undergraduate work in a small school in Oregon, traveled to Guatemala for an agricultural internship, then returned home to Wyoming to choose the next steps in her life.

She decided to pursue a master’s degree in urban planning, and Columbia University was on her mind. My husband and I have always encouraged our children to follow their dreams. But we did wonder if the prestigious urban studies department at an Ivy League school might be out of reach for a young lady raised in America’s least populated state.

Harry Levin did not have any doubts. True to his nature, Harry energetically began prepping our daughter for her GRE, and counseling her on staying true to her goals. Harry found articles and books written from varied angles of urban planning vision, so our daughter might deepen her understanding and commitment to this path she had chosen. He encouraged her to believe that she has unique qualities that enable her to achieve her ambitions. He became her editor, her mentor, her confidant.

Last year, our daughter received her master’s degree in urban planning from Columbia. We drove from Wyoming to New York City for the graduation. Completing her first year of challenging work in Salt Lake City, in an urban planning project of national stature, she was chosen to make a major presentation to the mayor.

Harry continues to support and encourage our daughter on every level.

Retha New
Lander, Wyoming